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What’s My Real Age?

Papa God said that a lot of people would think I looked like a 16-year-old.

They would question that I was actually 43 years old.

If you’re one of those people who question it, the answer is yes. I am 43 years old.

However, God told me some time back, He stopped my aging and I will look 16 years old for as long as I live.

It’s one of the blessings He’s given me for the mission and just because He’s super sweet.

I actually didn’t realize I looked that young. I knew I looked younger than 43, but I expected I looked around 27 years old to most people…

… And I could at best pass for age 19 in the upcoming movies He wanted me to be in.

And that was pushing it.

No, I’m not fishing for a compliment.

When He said I looked 16 to most people, I just didn’t believe it…

… and for good reason.

Let me tell you my story and it will all make sense…

I was the overweight younger sister that looked older than my older sister.

And I often got insults about my looks or backhanded compliments.

Most of my life I thought I looked old…

… and to most people I did—at least next to my sister.

She was the thinner shorter one.

I was the taller, fatter one.

And people would look at her and then me and ask which one of us was the oldest?

We’d say Redia (pronounced Rita) was and then they’d say I looked older. Usually, there was contempt in their voice.

I later found out from God that it was a demonic attack on my life. That the devil had purposely compelled people to attack my looks.

God allowed it to keep me humble.

He revealed over the last year or so that, as I rose to fame through GospL, a lot of men would find me attractive…

… And He used that satanic attacks to remove a lot of pride in my life that would harm me later.

So this is one example of how God sculpts evil for good… even though He’s hates evil.